We are rapidly approaching the big day so we wanted to provide a more detailed (and an actual) schedule of the events to transpire on April 21st. We truly appreciate your support of 1Voice and plan to create an amazing experience that you will want to participate in on an annual basis. 


11:30 - 12:30 

Arrive at River Hills. Register, pick up your cart assignment, swag bag and lunch. Feel free to review all the great raffle packages and purchase tickets for all contests while meeting the other players and some of the sponsors. 

12:30 - 1:00

 All players will get in their carts and proceed to the 11th hole for the "50K Dollar Shot" We will draw 4 Super Ticket Purchasers to get a chance on this challenging Par 3 to win 50,000.00! After this ceremonial (and possibly profitable) shot, golfers will advance to their hole assignment and the tournament will begin.

5:45 – 6:45 

Foursomes should be wrapping up about this time and turning in their cards. This is a perfect chance to go take another look at the raffle items,  buy some extra tickets or even take a whack at our Putting Contest. When in the clubhouse, the bar will be a CASH BAR so please plan accordingly. 

6:45 -

Awards Banquet

We will be doing a small presentation on 1Voice during dinner and recognizing all of you fine folks that made this event possible. This will buy our team time to count the collections on ticket sales throughout the day and update our total for the Big Check presentation. We will also award our 1st and 2nd place teams as well as our last place team with their prizes, select the raffle winners, announce the winners of the “Bed of Booze."

We expect folks to be safely out of the building by 9:00 PM. Our goal is not to bore or lecture but rather to inform and celebrate. We are truly honored that you have helped support this cause and want to celebrate that event with the people these proceeds will help so very much.

Throughout the tournament, we will be playing "Bogey is your Friend" meaning no team can card higher than a bogey. This will ensure pace of play and make us all feel better about our golf games!