Welcome and thank you for supporting 1Voice!

Thank you for helping us assist the great folks at 1Voice in the fight against pediatric cancer! We have an amazing day of golf, games and fun planned for you so get out there and have a great time for an even greater cause.

Raffles, Prizes and Booze, oh my!

You know we plan to have a good time but we also need to raise funds for these brave kids fighting a fight none of us would want to face ourselves. Through the hard work of our team and the generosity of many people, we have assembled an AMAZING set of on course games, raffles and prizes.

Booze Wagon

Fine selection of ~ 30 bottles of alcohol. Start your own bar with this collection fit for a King or someone with a problem (or a WTB Tailgater) (Just use one of your raffle tickets for this amazing prize!)

Raffle Items

We have premium "Baskets" that range in value from around a thousand dollars to almost priceless! Your only chance to win is to buy the tickets and load up the box for the stuff you want!

Hole Contests

We have two amazing hole contests for the tournament including a Closest to the Pin and Longest Drive. To play you need a ticket. Your purchase of a SUPER TICKET qualifies you for BOTH!

Skill Contests

Think you can out-drive a Long Drive Champ? Believe you have the greatest “short-game” here (and not the way you REALLY qualify for that?) Engage our On Course pro’s and Putting contest. Details at each hole.


We all make mistakes. Don't let your bad shot sink your team’s chance at Eagle! (The only good Eagle we know of!) Grab some Mulligans and make sure you use them.

Putting Contest

Putt for dough, huh? How about Putt for a $1,000.00! Bonus is, if you win, the KIDS WIN $1,000.00 too! Your Super Ticket Purchase gets you entry into the qualifier for the $2,000.00 One Putt at the end of the round! (


While checking in (or even in advance for some items) you can purchase any of our selections. We will have folks roaming the course with tickets and providing you plenty of ways to make a difference in the fight against pediatric cancer and have a good time doing it. Our hope is that you have a blast and maybe even take home some great gifts! To enable you to clear up some expendable cash, we are taking care of all the food and drinks on the course and believe me, they will be plentiful!

If you are a planner or want to use your corporate card (err, your own card) to purchase items, the list is as follows:

  • Small Ticket Bundle (5 Tickets)        

Dip your toe in the water with a set of 5 Raffle Tickets.                                                                $50.00

  • Large Ticket Bundle (15 Tickets)      

Get a HUGE discount by flashing your “Big Baller” Card                                                                $100.00

  • TSI Super Ticket   

A “Must Have” for all golfers and the right way to get going.                                                     $50.00

What is a Super Ticket? ($50.00)

Maximize your value and buy like you have a Costco Membership (or Sam’s, you get the point!). The Super Ticket will give you a power packed bundle of:

  • Entry in the following on course games
    • Closest to the Pin
    • Longest Drive
  • One Entry in the Putting Contest
  • 2 Raffle Tickets (We recommend trying to win the Bed of Booze!)
  • 1 Mulligan

Most importantly, only Super Ticket purchasers will be entered into a random drawing for the coveted 50K Dollar Shot! We will take all names and then randomly draw 4 players who will lead us to Hole 1 before the beginning of the tournament and try to win $50,000.00!

Hole Contests

$50,000 Four-Shot Shootout

Purchase a “Super Ticket” (In advance or day of event) and you will have a chance to kick our tournament off with a real bang! Four winners will be selected and have a chance to shoot at the pin on Hole 1. The whole field will form a gallery to create the pressure of a real event. This is our first of five Hole in One challenges, but if you actually sink it, you get $50,000.00! The excitement and thrills will be remembered for a lifetime! This is the most exciting shot in golf.


Longest Drive Contest

Ok big man (or woman). You think you got the biggest wood? Step up and try to show us how big your stick is but do NOT forget accuracy. There will be a track down the middle of the fairway and we will deduct for distance off the target line. Let your “Big Dog” eat and you may be going to a great event on us! The winner will receive THEIR BODY WEIGHT IN YUENGLING and a great trophy!


Closest to the Pin Contest

So you are a finesse person? Accuracy is your game, you say. Well snuggle up to the pin in this contest and you can take your spouse, friend, PO or whoever to an event of your choice! The winner will be crowned our most accurate delinquent and be able to flaunt their trophy to all for the next year as sharp shooting champion!


Putting Contest

Step up and enter as often as you like! On the line is a single putt that can net you $1,000.00 CASH and the great folks at 1Voice $1,000.00 as well! Throughout the day, you can pay to take your crack at a treacherous and winding putt. We will have a volunteer posted. The lowest scores on that putt will come back for a putt off at the end of the round (if there is a tie) and then, the single qualifier will step up with ALL THE PRESSURE to try and be a hero! (Super Ticket Holders get one shot as part of heir Super Ticket)

Review, Donations and Doubling Your Contribution

These raffle packages are clearly worth a TON of money.  Our team and sponsors put a lot of work into creating gifts you would be proud to win and hopefully invest heavily in. We have also partnered with Double Your Donation so please remember to check and see if your employer has a matching program that you can take advantage of to increase your impact and ours in the fight to support kids with cancer.


You would be surprised how many of your employers have great benefits that go unused. Take a look

Thank You

Thanks for supporting this amazing cause. If you have not read about some of the kids that 1Voice helps in your program, we encourage you to do that and take the time to speak to some of the parents and advocates here at the tournament.

Only 4% of funding toward cancer research is earmarked for pediatric cancer. We hope that astonishes you as much as it does us and compels you to continue your support of 1Voice here and throughout the year. We look forward to getting to know you better at our “Par Tee” after your round where we will award our winners, meet some great folks and announce the winners of these terrific prizes!