7th Annual Wardley Real Estate "Take-A-Swing at Childhood Cancer" Golf Tourna...: Dragon Ridge Golf Club   |   Monday April 22, 2024


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Image of Single Golfer- Early Registration

Single Golfer- Early Registration

USD $275.00

Includes 1 player

Registering as a single golfer means that you will be placed on a team of 4 for the tournament, if you have a preferred teammate(s) please enter that in the appropriate spot.

Scramble Play:

In scramble, each golfer hits his own ball from the tee box. The group then walks over to where those balls landed and elect only one whose landing position is deemed most desirable. Each golfer will then hit his own ball from that one chosen spot and proceed likewise until the lowest score for that hole is recorded. The same process will begin anew on the next hole until the end of the round.

This is a fun format, designed to allow for golfers of all skill levels (or even none) to have an enjoyable team round without the stress of where each shot goes.

Image of Foursome- Early Registration

Foursome- Early Registration

USD $1,000.00

Includes 4 players

Registering for a foursome means that you will be paying for all players on your team for the tournament. 

A scramble in golf has members of a foursome competing as a team against all other teams in the field. Each golfer hits his own ball throughout the round but does not necessarily hit subsequent shots from where his ball has come to rest. Rather, the ball best hit by the group will determine the location from where everybody will hit next, and so on. Only one ball – and thus one score – counts per hole for each team and the team with the lowest total score for the round wins the golf scramble tournament.


08:30 AM Check In/ Raffle Dragonridge Country Club Front Entrace
08:30 AM Driving Range Opens Dragonridge Country Club, Driving Range/Putting Green
09:45 AM Players To Their Carts for Announcement Dragonridge Country Club Front Entrace
10:00 AM Shotgun Start Your Assigned Hole
03:30 PM Awards Banquet/Lunch Dragonridge Country Club, Banquet Room



08:00 AM

Start Time




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