Rules of Play



  1. The tournament is team `Shamble’ format. All golfers will drive their own ball and the team will select the best drive as the point of next play.
  2. From that point, all players will play their own ball until completion of the hole.
  3. Each player must record at least 3 drives, maximum drives per player is 6.
  4. Refrain from searching for lost or out of play balls on the drive.
  5. In all other cases, limit ball search to 2 minutes.
  6. All players must submit either a handicap or in the absence of one, an estimated typical 18 hole score.
  7. Team Captains will record only the gross score of each player.
  8. After reaching double par on a given hole, the player is requested to pick up their ball and record double par as their gross score for that hole.
  9. All handicapping and net team scores will be calculated by the pro shop.
  10. All skill holes, ie Closest-to-the-Pin, Long Drive, Hole-in-One qualifying etc. will be marked on course.



Million Dollar Hole-in-One `Shootout’ Rules



Player Qualifications



  1. All qualifying players must be amateurs.
  2. The two players closest to the pin on each of the four par 3 holes (4,11,13,18) will qualify for the `shootout’.
  3. Closest to pin shall be determined by Par 3 monitors.
  4. Each player is eligible to qualify only once; there will be eight qualifying players.
  5. A hole-in-one during qualification doesn’t win the Million Dollar prize.
  6. Qualifying player will be notified at the end of play and will proceed immediately to the `shootout’ hole location.


The Shootout


  1. The hole location and length of the shot will be determined and certified by the course CPGA professional.
  2. The shot will be a minimum of 160 yards in length. Actual length will be measured and posted.
  3. The order of play will be determined by drawing of lots by the players
  4. The player shots will be video taped and witnessed.
  5. Only a hole-in-one wins the Million Dollar prize.
  6. The first hole-in-one wins, after which the contest is terminated.
  7. If a hole-in-one is not achieved, the contest is terminated with no hole-in-one winner.


The Prize


  1. A player achieving a certified hole-in-one wins the Million Dollar Prize