Frankie and Andy’s Place is a unique combination of senior dog shelter and emotional healing center for troubled humans. A beautiful log cabin, nestled in a picturesque Barrow County woodland setting, Frankie and Andy’s Place is home to a small number of gentle, loving senior dogs who have been cast aside by their humans and yet who still have many valuable gifts to share…These gifts of sympathy, time, reassurance and unconditional love are then shared with troubled humans in an atmosphere of calm and acceptance to help them mend. Frankie and Andy’s Place…a healing collaboration between man and his best friend.

Frankie and Andy’s Place was conceived with the idea that we would save last chance senior dogs who still had a great deal of love to give. So often the world overlooks the wisdom that comes with age, and not actually just with dogs, but also with our own human race. We have a tendency to venerate the physical perfection of youth, and get excited about the possibilities for new life, new things, new avenues, while forgetting that with age and experience comes wisdom, tolerance and manifold other gifts. The dogs at the cabin have all come from tough situations, most from kill shelters and one or two taken in from dreadful environments to live out their last months with us in a life they could never have dreamed of experiencing, wrapped in soft blankets of love by caring people. We see all of these dogs as empty buckets, that we need to fill with love and kindness for them to go in and share with needy folks in the community, and it has. Proved to be a resounding success.

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