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The Allen J. Lynch Medal of Honor Veterans Foundation provides assistance to Veterans in need.

Allen J Lynch Medal of Honor Veterans Foundation


After facing the horrors and devastations of war, our Military servicemembers often find themselves underemployed or unemployed and sometimes homeless. They find themselves to be alone in their struggles through hardship. Crises such as homelessness often spiral into situations that are too large for one to carry. Allen J Lynch is a lifetime server who still believes in the promise of never leaving anyone behind. The Allen J Lynch Medal of Honor Veterans Foundation stood up as a full program in an effort to tackle such circumstances.

The Program was founded in December of 2012 by Medal Of Honor Recipient, Allen J Lynch, and Business leader John Schwan; all in the spirit of “Veterans helping Veterans help themselves”. It is positioned to provide gifted assistance in the form of a one-time grant to Veteran service members that are experiencing hardship. Through strict policy, the Veterans’ situation will be properly vetted and must be determined to offer sustainability for positive movement by the Veteran going forward. No gift is given without the recommendation of our Program Director, and by confirmation of our voting committee.

Through the generosity shown by you, our donors; we collectively share in helping a deserving Veteran that is in need.

The Allen J Lynch Medal Of Honor Veteran Foundation never disperses money directly to the Veteran. It is delivered directly to the agency where the Veteran is obligated. Assistance in the areas of need includes, but is not limited to: rental arrears and mortgage to prevent homelessness, utilities, minor medical expenses, auto repairs and more.

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For questions please contact Allan Ayers by phone (847) 477-8042 or by email aayers3667@gmail.com

***We also, do not-and-will not contract with “for hire” fund raising organizations that charge a fee for donations provided.

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