1st Annual Drive to End Alzheimers: Eagle's Nest Country Club   |   Monday October 11, 2021

Current Registration Listing

Player Last Name Player First Name Foursome Captain
Bloodsworth Rob Bill Bocek
Bocek Bill Bill Bocek
Mullen Matt Bill Bocek
Whitty Bill Bill Bocek
Butt Al Brett Yoder
Desantis Adam Brett Yoder
Yoder Brett Brett Yoder
Yoder Guest Brett Yoder
Coliainni Mike Chris Lauer
Farrell Jeff Chris Lauer
Lauer Christopher Chris Lauer
Uhlig Rob Chris Lauer
Esposito Ryan Ryan Esposito
Esposito Shannon Ryan Esposito
Sylvester Melissa Ryan Esposito
Sylvester Sean Ryan Esposito
Alex Justin Zak Layne
Keir Duncan Zak Layne
Layne Zak Zak Layne
Zorn Bryan Zak Layne
Davis Kris Kris Davis
Hacke Andrew Kris Davis
Stoltz Mike Kris Davis
Wentzel Tim Kris Davis
Black Wes Marley Welsh
Lauer Nicole Marley Welsh
Parkinson Dennis Marley Welsh
Welsh Marley Marley Welsh
Berry Linda Chuck Boyle
Boyle Chuck Chuck Boyle
Boyle Pat Chuck Boyle
Haviland PJ Chuck Boyle
Guthrie Beth Mike Welsh
Welsh Mike Mike Welsh
Yoder Beth Mike Welsh
Yoder Rick Mike Welsh
Gilmour Mike Pam Gilmour
Gilmour Pam Pam Gilmour
Jackson Gary Pam Gilmour
Spicer Nancy Pam Gilmour
Ahuja Raghav Steve Maex
Carrera Brandon Steve Maex
Krebs Brian Steve Maex
Maex Steve Steve Maex
Berger Tim Jason Kaplanis
Jeffers Jeff Jason Kaplanis
Kaplanis Jason Jason Kaplanis
Schollaert Jeff Jason Kaplanis
Dunbar Peter Peter Dunbar
O'Hara Danny Peter Dunbar
Senseney Ed Peter Dunbar
St. Ores Tom Peter Dunbar
Izzo Joe Tony Izzo
Izzo Michael Tony Izzo
Izzo Tony Tony Izzo
Odham Ben Tony Izzo
Bischoff George Ted Foltyn
Foltyn Ted Ted Foltyn
Gipprich Steve Ted Foltyn
Godlewski Joe Ted Foltyn
Christ Donald Donald Christ
Hirt Bob Donald Christ
Hresko Deinnis Donald Christ
Olkowski Chuck Donald Christ
Bauer Doug Doug Bauer
Bauer Jess Doug Bauer
Parker Bruce Doug Bauer
Parker Zach Doug Bauer
Butler Brian Owen Jordan
Ivy Dave Owen Jordan
Jordan Owen Owen Jordan
Mangan Ted Owen Jordan
Adkins Chuck Chuck Adkins
Adkins Michael Chuck Adkins
Adkins Tom Chuck Adkins
Spinazzola David Chuck Adkins
Cheikh Erin Karim Cheikh
Cheikh Karim Karim Cheikh
O'Neill Tom, Jr. Karim Cheikh
O'Neill Tom, Sr. Karim Cheikh
Giese Matt Brian Oswald
Mahue Tony Brian Oswald
Oswald Brian Brian Oswald
Sorrentino Peter Brian Oswald
Flick Doug Bob Guerin
Guerin Bob Bob Guerin
Livingston John Bob Guerin
Richardson Pat Bob Guerin
Bauer Bill Don Bauer
Bauer David Don Bauer
Bauer Don Don Bauer
- - Don Bauer
01:00 PM Check-in, Warm-Up, and Box Lunch Pro Shop
02:00 PM Head out and Tee Off Your assigned cart
06:00 PM Drinks, Dinner, and Award Ceremony Clubhouse



01:00 PM

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Eagle's Nest Country Club

12801 Stone Hill Road
Phoenix, Maryland, United States

Phone: +1 (410) 252-5960
Web: http://www.eaglesnestcountryclub.com/