VetsWhatsNext® 2nd Annual Golf Tournament Scholarship Fundraiser: The Golf Club of Dallas   |   Friday September 09, 2022



I am Major (Ret.) Eric K. King, President and CEO of VetsWhatsNext Nonprofit Corporation. VetsWhatsNext was derived from a gap felt within our military and veteran community. After being medically retired from the military, due to injuries sustained from an Improvised Explosive Device (IED). I noticed that there were not many programs or advocates in the space between transitioning military service and being introduced to all the benefits provided by the Department of Veterans Affairs. I personally could not sit and allow this to happen to another service member. VetsWhatsNext was born out of need and a sincere duty to continue serving my fellow teammates after my time was officially done.
What is VetsWhatsNext® (VWN) Nonprofit Corporation:
VWN is about empowering Disabled, Homeless Veterans, Service Members, and their Families by offering available services connected through the convenience of a mobile application. This tool in addition to the virtual HUB website, provides the ”One Stop Shop” with the capability and capacity to all relevant and Department of Defense and Department of Veterans Affairs services, resources, benefits, jobs, discounts, information and much more.
VWN is very accessible and user friendly. Use the hyperlink provided or download the application.
Download the Application on both Apple and Android devices.
This grassroots movement represents the vision, passion, and effort of the founder. He understands and empathizes with their plight. VetsWhatsNext does all that it can to make their days, months, and years more rewarding and manageable towards their independence and stability. MAJ (Ret.) King still battles with remnants of his injuries and cannot do it alone. Your requested support is needed to better the lives of those that need help, but do not know where to turn.
VWN is very active locally and nationally volunteering, providing meals, clothing and services directly to Veterans. VetsWhatsNext provides a fresh perspective on the day to day hardships that Disabled Veterans, Homeless Veterans, Service Members, and their Families face. VWN needs strategic corporate partnerships and viable organizations that can contribute organic funding, support, and advocacy.
VetsWhatsNext has established a Higher Education Scholarship Foundation that will award dependents of a Disabled Veteran with a Permanent and Total service-connected disability 10% or higher rating evaluation from the Department of Veterans Affairs Administration.
 This $2,000 scholarship is for each fall and spring semester to a 2-year or 4-year accredited community college or university. The funding will help ease the burden and assist our Veterans’ dependents with their tuition cost as they further their education.
As a recipient of a mortgage free home from Operation Finally Home - VetsWhatsNext will continue the movement of providing guidance and the service for Veterans to apply for a mortgage free home. This is our way of giving back to those that have sacrificed so much to this country through their selfless service.
In closing, VetsWhatsNext is the not gap, but it FILLS the gap between the Department of Defense and the Department of Veterans Affairs. It is time that our Veterans regain the hope and trust they have lost in the transition process. VWN is here provide our Veterans a product, services and resources that will reduce the number of suicides of our Veterans each day. We are ALL THINGS VETERANS; there is Life. After. Military.

Major (R) Eric K. King
President & CEO
501(c)(3) #803430196 

Major Retired Eric K King

07:00 AM Breakfast and Registration
08:00 AM Putting Contest
08:30 AM Tee Time
12:00 PM Lunch
12:45 PM Award Activities, Raffles, and Silent Auction



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