VetsWhatsNext® 2nd Annual Golf Tournament Scholarship Fundraiser: The Golf Club of Dallas   |   Friday September 09, 2022

Scholarship Eligibility Requirements

VetsWhatsNext® Scholarship Eligibility Requirements.


The VetsWhatsNext (VWN) Higher Education Scholarship Foundation is established to provide financial assistance to qualifying dependents of a Disabled Veteran who has served our nation proudly and honorably. This scholarship is an initiative to help bridge the financial burden of our Veteran’s dependents (children) who desire to further their educational development.


VWN Scholarship Guidelines:

The scholarship is awarded by meeting all requirements.  Each year the Scholarship Committee determines the number of scholarships issued and amounts per academic year.  Four (4) years maximum for each dependent can be allotted the VWN Scholarship.   

Candidates submitting scholarship applications must, in the year of their scholarship application:

Be a high school student who has gotten accepted and enrolled into an accredited college or university.



Attending an accredited college or university.   

The scholarship amount is $2000 per semester = $4000 per academic year with a 2.5 cumulative average per semester.  The scholarship will be issued to students each semester after enrollment verification.

The VWN scholarship mandates that each dependent will reapply each year for the scholarship.

Candidates must be a full-time student each semester (12 or more credit hours in a fall or spring semester).

The VWN scholarship application is to be submitted 6 months prior to the upcoming academic school year for your school term (Fall or Spring).  The scholarship application and information are accessible at HYPERLINK "" online portal.  Every application is to be submitted through the VWN online portal.


VWN Higher Education Scholarship Qualifications Checklist:

♦ enrolled or planning to enroll in an undergraduate program of study leading to a Bachelor’s degree at an accredited college or university


♦ enrolled or planning to enroll in an accredited technical or trade school program, which results in a certificate or diploma (candidate cannot currently hold a bachelor’s degree)


♦ dependent of a service member – Military ID current must provide front and back (must show service member as sponsor), preferred.

♦ OR State-Issued Birth Certificate (must list service member as parent)

♦ AND/Possible legal adoption papers (if adopted child).

♦ AND/Possible legal documentation to support guardianship (if legal ward).

♦ dependent of a service member must be 19 years of age or younger still in high school (as of the year applying for scholarship) who is unmarried (never been married) – must provide front and back of your current Military ID (must show service member as sponsor)


VWN Higher Education Service Member Qualifications (used to qualify applicants)

♦ DD214/DD1300 - most current/final used to verify SM name, branch, rank, years of service, decorations, and character of service; guard or reserves may not reflect most current service (additional upload bar in application may be used for service member’s military ID to verify current rank) • Classification must be one of the following:

- KIA – must provide DD1300

- KILD (includes suicide) – must provide DD1300

- Deceased with a VA disability rating-post separation (includes accident, illness, or suicide) – must provide service member’s final VA Benefit Summary Letter AND DD214

- Loss of Limb – must provide service member’s current year VA Benefit Summary Letter (10% or higher) AND DD214 AND medical proof of limb amputation (hand, arm, foot, or leg)

- Disabled with a VA disability rating (10% or higher) – must provide service member’s current year VA Benefit Summary Letter AND DD214

- Active Duty (MUST have a PURPLE HEART) – must provide service member’s current duty orders AND Purple Heart documentation

♦ VA Benefit Summary Letter - current year (click here: HYPERLINK "" to obtain your current copy); must include the service member’s combined service-connected evaluation of at least 10% or higher (we do not use the compensation rating) - used to determine service member’s combined service-connected rating.


VWN Institution Qualifications (used to qualify applicants)

♦ Acceptance letter from school with valid school name and address.

♦ Valid school phone number, email, and website (used to vet the institution).



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